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Signs it is time to stop breastfeeding.

The first time you held your baby, everyone from doctors to the people around you said breastfeeding is the best for the baby. Breastfeeding your child exclusively for the first six months helps keep him away from many illnesses. 
But did anyone tell you the right time to stop breastfeeding
If you are asking yourself such question, stop worrying because we are about to share signs that will tell it is time wean your baby. Check out below.
Feeling resentful
One good sign that it's time to stop breastfeeding is that you find yourself feeling resentful every time you need to nurse the baby. At this me, most women do it because they should and not because they love and enjoy the session. If you start feeling this way, this is when to stop breastfeeding.
You are undergoing treatment 

Although doctors recommend weaning in several situations, it is only surgery that cannot get along with breastfeeding. This may include mastectomy for breast cancer, some types of chemotherapy.
Sometimes you need to wean to due to your health condition. But it is crucial to consult a lactation specialist so you can have the best winning techniques. It can be stressing to stop breastfeeding a child who is barely six months or one year. You will need a specialist to offer you guidance and emotional counseling.

Baby is not interested
It is normal for the infant to want to be often breastfed but after you start giving the child solid foods, the intervals reduce. However, it is different when the child shows no interested even when you try to tempt her. If you notice your child is refusing the breast for some weeks, it is time to stop breastfeeding.
Some kids will start being shy when they are being  breastfed in front of others.
Your baby is over one year
Like all other stages of parenting, there is no manual for breastfeeding or a milestone set. Every parent does it in her way. Some parents may breastfeed for up to years while others may choose to do it for a year. Regardless of the period you select, weaning is a process that takes some time to transition the child from baby milk to solid foods.
Therefore if your child is over a year old, he may be ready for weaning. However, if you feel comfortable breastfeeding for more than a year, there is no restriction.
Your child needs iron The body of a baby needs more iron to carry oxygen and make more blood cells. Babies born
prematurely may not have made iron stores required in life. A mother's milk may not be enough to supplement the child’s iron needs. Though there are many options to supply the baby's iron needs, insufficient iron may indicate it is time to stop breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding period varies from one mom to another. It is critical to note that kids who are breastfed exclusively for the first seven months are less anemic. Please share how you came to know it is time to stop breastfeeding.

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